Fear and Trembling
April 19, 2020

Fear and Trembling

Passage: Philippians 2:12-13
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This epistle has a theme of joy and peace, but here we are told to do something in the spirit of fear and trembling. Not that we cry out to God out of fear in a crisis - salvation is by grace, not works - but there are then works for us to do. Our salvation is given to us but we are to work it out. The Christian grows and goes on to do those God works prepared for them. Fear and trembling means doing them in the right spirit, following Christ. He is nothing but good to those who follow Him.

NOTE: This sermon was part of a pre-recorded video service for the church to watch at home due to the coronavirus outbreak. The original video including recorded Hebron congregational singing and a children's talk can be foundĀ here.