Hebron Evangelical Church logo

Our new logo

Yes, you have landed on the correct web site, but things look a little different! We have launched a new logo and identity that is bolder, brighter, and hopefully more memorable than before, while strongly reflecting our heritage and the ongoing mission of Hebron.

Having started from a capital ‘H’ for Hebron, and taking cues from the open book of our old logo, representing the open Word of God that is preached week by week from Hebron, the imagery has been extended to represent the welcoming open doors of a fortification.

This is because Hebron in the Old Testament, after which our founders named the church, was a “city of refuge”. In ancient Israel the six cities of refuge were safe places for those who had been accused of manslaughter, where they could be protected from those wishing to avenge them, until they came to trial (Numbers 35:22-25).

The cities of refuge were a picture or “type” of salvation through Jesus Christ. By living a sinless life he was able to make a perfect sacrifice by suffering in the place of sinners, satisfying God’s justice. By turning to him in repentance and faith we receive his righteousness as our own and are freed from condemnation.

The Bible says God’s name is a strong tower and the righteous person can run to it and be safe (Proverbs 18:10). The good news of this message is at the heart of everything we do at Hebron.

At this time of uncertainty in the world, many are feeling anxious, frustrated, and even angry. Why not join with us at Hebron, either in person when restrictions allow, or online via our YouTube channel? If you have a particular need or concern at this difficult time we encourage you to make contact with us.

Why not let Hebron be your place of refuge?