Our trust deeds declare us to be “Protestant Dissenters of the Denomination of Particular or Calvinistic Baptists”, and gives the following summary of the doctrines we are to believe and teach:

  • The one living and true God
  • Three equal Persons in the Godhead
  • The proper deity and the real humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • The sinful state of man by nature and by practice
  • The free justification of the penitent sinner by faith in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ
  • The regeneration, conversion and sanctification of the soul of man by the Spirit and grace of God
  • The moral law a rule for the conduct of all believers
  • The resurrection of the dead and future judgment
  • The eternal happiness of the righteous and the everlasting misery of the wicked

This declaration and summary link us historically with the Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689 (also known as the Second London Confession). This was based on the First London Confession of 1644, rewritten in 1677 to agree as much as possible (baptism being the principal distinctive) with the Westminster and Savoy Confessions of Faith, in order to demonstrate substantial unity with Presbyterian and Independent Christians.

For more information listen to or download the notes from our six part course Seeking to See, about the big questions of life.

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